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 Hi, I'm Jay with LifePlan Lawyer. I'm a Wills, Trusts, and Probate attorney in California. I wanted to talk about free consultations. A lot of attorneys will offer these. I find that there are quite a few people who are intimidated by this concept, so I've done things a little bit differently in my practice. I actually offer an initial consultation by telephone, and I am able to provide pricing most of the time on the phone. I did that intentionally because I sometimes joke I've avoided attorneys my whole life, and one of the reasons that people avoid attorneys, I find, is they don't know what to expect. They think it's going to be very expensive and they'd rather not have that awkward feeling of sitting in an attorney's office when the attorney tells them a price and they choke on what they're eating or drinking. So, I do pricing on the phone after I understand a little bit about what someone is looking for. On my website you'll find a "Book Now" button on the top of the website. So, what can people expect? I like to set expectations so that people don't feel intimidated. What you can expect if you click on the "Book Now" link: you'll have the choice to schedule a 20-minute call at a time that works for you so that you can see my schedule and book that. In that call, I will find out what you're looking for and from there I oftentimes provide advice to people about what needs to happen. If that advice is all they need, they've just gotten free legal advice and they are able to get things done and I feel good about it because I was quickly able to help somebody. If someone is looking to put together more of a plan for their future, then I can ask a few questions and I can walk through what that looks like and provide pricing. I follow up by sending an e-mail with that pricing in it, and at that point clients can make the decision themselves in their living room with their spouse and no pressure from me, whether they want to proceed from there, and most clients do! It works for me; I think it's a win-win. I get to run my practice the way I would want to be treated as a client, and hopefully by watching this video, you understand what the process will be and maybe you're more willing to give it a shot. The thing I hate to see is when somebody avoids contacting an attorney and then later it turns out they made a very large mistake in what they decided to do as an alternative. Some of the times I'm able to fix those situations, but oftentimes it's too late-- somebody has passed away and the results are set in stone. So, feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Thank you! 

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