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My Story


Two life observations led me to start this law practice.

First, I observed that when a family member dies, the grief process takes many forms. For family members whose loved one had a life plan, the inevitable sadness is often accompanied by celebration, fond memories, and an overall sense of peace. For family members of a loved one without a life plan, sadness is often accompanied by frustration, doubts, anger and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Second, I noticed that most of us are good at planning for future events, but few of us apply this to planning for our death. Said another way, few of us have a plan to help our loved ones avoid frustration, doubts, anger, and feeling overwhelmed upon our death. We plan birthday and dinner parties, vacations, and home remodels. We save for retirement. However, the one inevitable thing in life (other than taxes), 70 percent of people never plan for.

My mission is to help you have a plan. And to make your life plan simple, easy and fill you with the good feelings that come from preparing for your family's future.